We have provided pictures of our community throughout our web site which will give you a idea of life here at Springfield Farms. We have also provided the covenants and restrictions for our community on the community page for your review. Although, these two things will not tell you everything you will likely want to know about us, the covenants and restrictions will give you an idea of what we do and regulate to maintain the community’s immaculate appearance.

First, the land lease per month is $340.00. This includes our amenities, which are the security gated entrances, a large park and recreational area, a swimming pool with both a regular pool and a wading pool for the kids, and lighted walking trails. We also provide lawn care here at Springfield Farms. We mow, weed-eat, and edge your yard through the entire season. We also remove snow from the streets and common sidewalks when necessary.

If you have never driven through the community, it may be a little difficult to appreciate how different Springfield Farms is from your average manufactured home community. This is a designed and master-planned community. It originated in 1996. It is designed to emulate your upper-end, higher value subdivisions. Every home faces the street and sits on a lot of at least 8,000 square feet. This is double your average mobile home lot size. As you can see from the map of the community I have included, it is not your typical grid pattern layout. The curvilinear design of the streets and the offsets of the homes makes the community very aesthetically pleasing.

Bringing a home into Springfield Farms is a unique process. First, every home that comes in must be 5 years or newer, vinyl sided, and have a shingled roof. Once you find a home that fits you, we will give you numerous lots to choose from to find the space for your home. This allows for choosing grade, elevation and any other factor that may be important to you. We then survey your chosen lot so that the home and any possible garage are centered on the lot. (Garages are not a requirement of the community, but are taken into consideration for placement of each home.)

As you can see, with all of these things in place for each new home, Springfield Farms will continue to look, through the years, as beautiful as it does today.

Your cost for moving into the community is most likely your next question. The first thing is a security deposit of $340.00 when you choose a lot. This is a one time fee.

When you move in a new home, the dealer will set up the home and connect the water and sewer. They will most likely not connect your electricity. We have found the average cost for that is $1100. The other consideration is your front porch. These are a requirement of the community. They must be at least 6’ x 6’ with white vinyl railing. The average cost is $1800.

In addition, there is a permit that is required for each home placed in Greene County. The cost of the permit is $135.00. We do all of the leg work in obtaining the permit and scheduling all of the inspections to complete your occupancy permit. You simply reimburse us the cost of the permit.

All prices indicated subject to change. If you want further information please give us a call at (417)889-7131.